Hey there! my name is Julia, but you can call me jules if you like.

Here is my jam

TAKING PHOTOS OF PEOPLE IN THEIR ELEMENT! The places you love, doing the things you love with the people you love.

Can I totally be honest with you….what I find most beautiful about a photo is when looking at that photo, I can see the person’s personality come shining through. Scenery and outfits are secondary and maybe an added bonus, but what really makes a photo to me is if in one frame so many beautiful things are said. My goal, hope, venture is to hopefully create a little space in time where you are able to focus only on the beauty in front of you and fall a little more in love with your family or yourself ;) and artfully document those sweet treasured moments for you to have as keepsakes.


— Well, since I think photos are so important….I’ll start with a little slide show —

My goal in life is to ENJOY. ENJOY. ENJOY.…I want the people around me to know how much I enjoy them and that they feel loved and accepted just the way they are.

I Laugh a TON! My friends in college said they could tell where I was on campus because they could hear my laugh. I laugh when I’m nervous, when I’m happy, when I’m in extreme pain …no joke. I got hurt real bad once sledding and my husband knew I was in bad pain at the top of the hill because of how hard I was laughing and came running. How do you get hurt sledding you ask…I don’t know, but I can find a way to get hurt doing almost anything.

I WISH I were a SKATER, but way too much of a rule follower and still working on my center of gravity. I watch skateboarding anywhere I can and bmx biking.

I love the outdoors if I didn’t love indoor plumbing so much and Mosquitoes weren’t a thing I would stay outside forever.

I’ve been married for almost 14 years to my best friend since high school. His name is Joe and he is a dope commercial editor and director and filmmaker if you want to check out his website…click here

I love art, reading about art, creating art, art museums all things art.

Basketball…huge basketball fan. I used to live in Florida and fell in the love with the HEAT (before Lebron James joined the team) and Dwayne Wade was a rookie. Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan are what began my love of basketball and Dwayne Wade rekindled my love and now the Timberwolves are testing my love ;)

If you were wondering.... The name LB Jeffries Photography came from Joe and I combining Joe's love for film with my love for photography. In the classic film, REAR WINDOW, Jimmy Stewart Plays a photographer named LB Jeffries. If you haven't seen the movie REAR WINDOW...it's a must see Alfred Hitchcock movie. 

—Just thought I would share a little..okay lets be real…a lot about myself since you are thinking of inviting me into a smidgen of your life to artfully document those sweet moments and milestones. I really cannot wait to get to know you! —