Hey there! my name is Julia, but you can call me jules if you like.

Here is my jam

TAKING PHOTOS OF PEOPLE IN THEIR ELEMENT! The places you love, doing the things you love with the people you love.

Can I totally be honest with you….what I find most beautiful about a photo is when looking at that photo, I can see the person’s personality come shining through. Scenery and outfits are secondary and maybe an added bonus, but what really makes a photo to me is if in one frame so many beautiful things are said. My goal, hope, venture is to hopefully create a little space in time where you are able to focus only on the beauty in front of you and fall a little more in love with your family or yourself ;) and artfully document those sweet treasured moments for you to have as keepsakes.


—Well since I think a photo is worth a thousand words. I’ll just give you a little smattering of photos of me :) —