SIMPLE SESSION - 1.5 hour photography time with Julia. Location of your choice 75+ hi-resolution images delivered via Dropbox + flash drive.  The longer sessions are purposeful because it really allows me to capture all the little and big details of your family. 


DOCUMENTARY SESSION - Half a day with Julia.  150+ hi-resolution images delivered via Dropbox + flash drive.

+this session allows the time to truly capture a day in your family's life. It gives a bigger scope and wider picture of what life is like for your family.  This is a session I recommend at least every 3 years or so. However, I'll do it as often as you like :)  Life flies by so fast and wouldn't it be sweet to have every 3 years or so documented in an artful+honest and purposeful way. Where everyone is able to relax and enjoy their time together.  And you can look back and remember what your home looked like then, what your favorite hobbies were and all the memories come flooding back of that era in life.  It is also a purposeful time to slow down, enjoy each other and your surroundings and have it all artfully documented. 


BIRTHDAY PARTY -  3 hours of photography time with Julia. Hi-resolution images delivered via Dropbox + Flash drive.  Also, no birthday parties are alike, so we can create a session that is just right for you :) 


Engagement OR Anniversary               



 2 hours photography time with Julia, 2 locations and wardrobe changes of your choice. 75+ Hi-resolution images delivered via Dropbox + flash drive. 

Engagement sessions are perfect chance to get comfortable in front of the camera and for us to get in a groove before the big day. It gives me a little preview in what pictures you like, and how you are in pictures. It is also adds to the celebration of your wedding and documents that time of excitement and anticipation. 

Anniversary sessions are perfect for documenting the years of love that have been hard work yet glorious and you could not imagine life any different or without your other half.  There is something special that happens when you spend a couple hours getting to gaze into each others eyes, hold hands, hug up and love up on each other in beautiful locations. Romance truly is in the air. Not only will you treasure the pictures, but so will your children and grandchildren, and great grand children. I have a photo of my grandparents sweetly in love sitting with each other on a gravel road in my office. In fact, one of my Aunts made sure to have a copy made for all the grandchildren. 




Senior Portraits

 2 hours photography time with Julia. 2 locations of your choice with wardrobe changes. 100+ hi-resolution images delivered via Dropbox + flash drive.  

Senior year is such a quintessential time. A time that I love to document. There is anticipation for what is to come, and confidence for what has been done. 



+ If you have any questions at all please email, text or call. I would love to hear from you and create a perfect session for you!