Documentary session | Indiana

Confession...I have never been Christmas Tree shopping. I am allergic to pine trees. Not deathly allergic but the allergic where you get puffy itchy eyes, where you can't breathe and have a stuffy nose if you are enclosed in the same room for too long with a pine tree, pine wreath, pine anything.  So this day, with this family, was special.

Meet crafty, active, full of fun and laughter, friend since kindergarten, Holly, and her funny, extremely kind, thoughtful, brings Holly back down to earth husband, Brian. Their two boys are amazing. No one is a stranger, they are smart as a whip and know how to have fun. Two chips off the old blocks.  

It was a magical day of finding the perfect Christmas tree and decorating it. 


They love movies and when your kid looks like Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone, well you just have to have this photo.  I couldn't stop laughing. 


May your holiday be filled with delicious beverages, tasty treats, fun games, laughter, silliness, reflection of all that you are celebrating, inspiring conversations and good hugs.

- Happy Holidays! xoxo- Julia