Travel | Vancouver, BC

Vancouver and I fell in love at first sight.  Forest, waves, mountains...gimme a break!  My sister, Lizard's  (that's what I call her) birthday is two days before mine. When we were little our parents made our birthdays a 3 day festivity. It was dope. Donuts and balloons for days. So, as adults we wanted to bring back the 3 day festivity . I voted tropical but Lizard has 3 kids and a heck of a busy life so she could only do a short weekend. I flew to Seattle (where she lives) and then my sister, Bobbie (that's what I call her) joined us in Seattle for the festivities. Sadly, my sisters Christy and Sarah (I call her Do Fred) were unable to join :( Yes, you counted right. I have 4 older sisters.  Lizard, Bobbie and I took the train from Seattle to Vancouver and spent the weekend there.  They braved biking on city streets for me, we ate delicious food, and I'm pretty sure we walked the whole city.  I'm already planning my next trip back!.