Explore | Taylor falls, MN

I never want to see my camera as just my livelihood, my way of making a living. I never want it to stop being art and exploration and something that helps me live each day to the fullest. That is why days like this are so important. It is also probably why no one would like to travel with Joe and I because we turn a 1 hour hike into a 3 hour exploration/photo shoot. 

This is where I handed the camera to Joe and asked him to take photos of me because I forget what it is like be in front of the camera. A selfie out with friends or a quick group photo is one thing. But a big old DLSR pointed at you with a concentrated person behind it is darn right nerve racking. At least for me. NOW if my name was Joseph McMahon then I would enjoy every glorious moment of it and stand in new places waiting for my photographer wife to realize the sweet location I am standing in and to take advantage this piece of art I have created :)  

When the sun comes out...we get a bit, okay a lot excited..... and weird. :)