Famtography | Mercer Island, WA

Sheesh! This family radiates love and kindness.  Their laughter and words genuine and their hearts bigger than Texas. We split our time at a great playground/park and their home. I was so thankful I was able to photograph this family and I cannot believe how jovial, and light spirited everyone was considering the time at the park the oldest kid was so sick and it rained. Then we scheduled a time at their house and they were leaving for a several month trip to Wales the next morning. I think they have mastered what my mom always says "eat the elephant one bite at a time."  I am so thankful they made the time for this shoot and that I was able to photograph all their love, silliness, laughter and kindness! 

I found out that the daughter really loves photography. So, these next two shots she took. I had her pick out where she wanted to take them and taught her a little how the camera worked and let her have the camera. I LOVE these two shots!!

I also loved the location she picked so I took some photos there as well.