Travel | Arizona

I love everything about the Southwest. If I didn't break out in hives every time I road a horse...I would try to be a cowboy out somewhere in that rugged land.  My friend who has the same love for all things Southwest went on a trip to Arizona with me and we tried to see the whole state in a weekend. However, I think I need at least 20 more trips to see all of Arizona's beauty.  Since I am a collector of cacti (not really, but I wish that was a thing) Saguaro was a must see. UM! sheesh! give me a break this place was amazing. It is like Cacti heaven.  We also stopped briefly in Sedona and went to the Grand Canyon. I had no idea how big the Grand Canyon was. I would like to know how many years it would take to see the entire Canyon inside and out. Wowza! grand and beautiful is an understatement. 

In the above photo is my friend out on the ledge.  It's a bonus traveling with adventurous people who will climb out on ledges to get a photo. :)