Spring |Mother's Day

We left dad at home (actually I think he was at class working on his masters or coaching hockey or I can't remember). This photo shoot is all about Mama and B. Bot. (that is how this cute amazing boy refers to himself. ...B. Bot.  He is beyond cute, made friends with everyone he encountered and was on the move exploring every flower, tree, fountain, nook and cranny of the garden. His beautiful mama right instep with him.  Their joy contagious.  I have had the honor of being friends with this incredible woman and knowing her strength and beauty, watching her gracefully step into motherhood with so much love and joy. She is crazy amazing.I have also had the great honor of photographing B. Bot's milestones. It is hard to believe B. Bot will be two this summer. Sheesh how time flies. I'm sure even faster for all you mama's. Happy Mother's day!