Blog Barrage Begins!

Alright! I'm back in the game. I use to have blog fever. I loved looking at blogs and grazing through photos but then instagram stole my heart. I got sucked in and enthralled with the massive amounts of photos I could just soak in from all types of different people. But then my heart was aching for those blog posts that were these carefully selected photos that told a story. I know ... I know.. que the eye roll. I'm overly dramatic. I am the youngest of 5 girls...what can I say. Needless to say I'm ready for the blogs to make a come back in my life.  So game on!

Kicking off the barrage of blog posts for this incredible family. They have been dear friends and with me since the beginning of my photography journey. I photographed them when it was just the two of them and their sweet boxer. Now, they have 2 little boys that will steal your heart...I'm not kidding...seeing there faces will have you saying "be still my heart." I know...not a phrase that is normally in your 21st century cool lingo, but you'll see them and it's like you lose all your senses and your hand goes over your little heart and you are saying weird phrases like "be still my heart." 

Grab a cup of coffee, tea, beer, kombucha or water and beginning scrolling....

Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0005.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0004.jpg

told ya!..... "be still my heart."

Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0008.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0009.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0010.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0001.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0011.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0016.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0018.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0019.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0047.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0012.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0013.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0015.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0021.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0022.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0023.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0024.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0025.jpg

this kid, just whips out a treasure map and off we go on an adventure around the house and yard.

Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0026.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0027.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0032.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0035.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0036.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0034.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0040.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0042.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0043.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0044.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0045.jpg
Julia Mcmahon Favorites-0031.jpg

thanks for looking at my photos...hopefully, I'll see you tomorrow!