Sharpening Skills | No. 1

Joe said this thing that I couldn't shake....

"You'd rather photograph something real than beautiful." 

YES! but when did real become not beautiful.  hmmm...okay that's too deep for me this evening as I sip on my Hot Toddy and listen to my new favorite guilty pleasure Issues by Julia Michaels on repeat.  Basically, it boils down to the fact that I want to artfully document the real deal.

So, I'm sharpening those skills, dude!

I'm giving myself a challenge this year of working on candidly documenting one day a week of my life. 

The point of this challenge....

Keep sharpening those skills.  Get better at catching those real moments that become more beautiful over time. 

The rules of the challenge.

1. I cannot do anything to prepare for the photo or change the photo. For instance...I cannot clean up the house (unless it is already clean). I cannot move things out of the picture or arrange it so it would look better in the photo.

2. I can not edit anything out of the zits or wrinkles or anything that would be distracting in the background. All has to be real. 

3. I cannot direct anyone in the photo. It has to be a real candid moment. 


 Here is the first one of the challenge.   Now, it starts with a selfie...not very candid. But let's be honest it's hard to catch yourself candid when you are holding the camera. 


However....this is the for real me.  I just got back in from walking Helen (my dog).  Trust me, I would have loved to photograph that but holding the big old camera trying to take a picture of her while walking that little feisty mutt that thinks she's a trained assasin out for the forgotten fried chicken outside of Revival (one of the best restaurants in town) is no easy task. 

Baaaaaack... to the for real me...I just got back from walking Helen. I was listening to a podcast-that's why I have in headphones. I just woke up and definitely have not washed my hair in a couple days and DEFINITELY did not brush it. I slapped one of my favorite beanies with my favorite t-shirt that now has too many holes to wear out in public (man! I love winter coat season...just slap a coat over that for the morning walks!)  Well...anyway that's me. 


I made breakfast.  It tasted pretty good, but I don't think it looked that pretty.  P.S. when I say breakfast I mean brunch, and when I say brunch I mean lunch. 


That's Joe or Joseph or I like to call him Joebeezy and say..."Joebeezy why don't you take it eeazzzy." If you didn't know already, he is my husband.  This is the for real him.  Flannel, basketball shorts, watching a movie trailer.  That's my house in the background. It's a mess. We are moving this coming weekend and apparently my method of packing is take everything out of it's spot and hope it gets in a box. 


We went to the Art Shanty on Lake Harriet.  It definitely is worth checking out! Here is the link...Art Shanty Projects


We finished up at Hi-Lo Diner got almost all the way home and realized I didn't have my phone. Checked everywhere. Had to drive back to the Diner search in there and then looked at where we parked....low and behold! Found my phone! Right next to where we parked! SERIOUSLY, Amazing. 


The rest of the night I was packing and watching the Vikings game so completely forgot about taking photos. But then saw Ernest (our cat) and had to document his reaction to the Vikings vs. Eagles game. 

Again, thanks for tuning in. The next post will be a real cute family that will have you craving hot chocolate. See you in a couple days!